First visitors – First piece of art installed

On my first day at recyclart, Felix Kindermann and Bart visited.
Hadn’t Felix visited Substitut 3 years ago and invited me to a collaboration (Project Ford Mustang) in Brussels in spring 2011, I probably wouldn’t be a resident at recyclart now. (The Ford Mustang video will be on display at vitrine 5 next week.)
Back in 2011 I also met Bart but never had the chance to learn about his work. Bart brought a piece that I immediately installed. I like references to surveillance and Bart’s view on public/private, architecture and space. His latest series of work is intriguing: He builds bars as a social space that he uses as a template for drawings (etc.) or as an exhibition space within the exhibition space for artist friends. He also refers to Ship of Fools by Sebastian Brant. Got to read that book because it seems to be very contemporary medieval literature.
The social space, Bart creates with his bars is strongly connected to running/curating an independent art space. The bar is the symbol of the hospitality that distinguishes these spaces. Bart uses curatorial strategies. Maybe I invite him to install a bar at vitrine.Bart & Felix
Bart (left) and Felix


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