A Copying Machine as a Meal – kopieren kuratieren with Pamina de Coulon

The world is full of crazy people. Such as „Monsieur Mangetout“ Michel Lotito famous for having consumed a plane. I have never heard of him until this week when I met the performance artist Pamina de Coulon * . Pamina is one of the people Nicolas Galeazzi proposed to invite for „kopieren kuratieren“. Unfortunately I have never seen her performing. Thus it was quite difficult to explain/understand her work. Therefore we had a more general talk about projects we’re both busy with.

brought some coffee!
Pamina brought some coffee!

Pamina is one of the programmers for Bâtard 2013, a festival for emerging artists in Brussels. She said, she’s not payed for this job and we both expressed our concerns regarding the self-exploitative structures of the art scene. Especially when jobs (or invitations) are praised as opportunities for a future career one is willing to accept bad conditions. But since we didn’t meet to complain nor to rethink the system ** we turned to the copying machine. What to do with this dismantled apparatus? We studied the guidelines Nicolas gave. Not really a clue…
So I asked Pamina to introduce me a little to her working practice. „Fight Boredom!“ and „Fight Frustration!“ she proposed as playful methods to learn about people she meets.
Because we started talking about finances we decided to first arrange a top ten list with pieces of the highest value (for resell). By doing so we realized how tricky even this simple task is. Who’s our imaginary buyer? What is the current market value for old metal? What pieces could be of value because they are rare? During this selection procedure Pamina brought up the man who ate the plane. So we prepared ourselves a meal…


* About Pamina:

** Maybe „Work Hard/Play Hard“ at beursschouwburg will deliver some answers.

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